DEA Outlines Expansionary Plan as It Prepares to Enter Global Markets

DEA Outlines Expansionary Plan as It Prepares to Enter Global Markets

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May 27, 2022

SINGAPORE, May 27, 2022 (

In preparation for its full-scale launch in Japan, GameFi platform Digital Asset Entertainment Pte. Ltd. (DEA) has revealed its business development plans to local Japanese media.

Flanked by Japanese lawmaker (former Minister of Justice) Takashi Yamashita and non-profit organization “Kosotsu Shien Kai” Chairman Satoshi Takemura, the DEA team highlighted the underlining strategy for penetrating the Japanese market. DEA’s Head of Business Strategy, Hiroshi Tsuruoka, charted a three-pronged approach that revolves around DEA’s issuance of the PlayMining ecosystem’s native DEAPcoin ($DEP) token, opening and operating an NFT marketplace responsible for handling NFT sales, and the introduction of NFT-based games.

Already, DEAPcoin is available for trading in Japan through its listing on the BITPOINT exchange and will play an important role in expanding the awareness of the PlayMining economic zone’s potential amongst local users. Additionally, the PlayMining NFT marketplace has forged partnerships with popular manga artists, lining up Ami Shibata and Ume. This follows the inclusion of Kamui Fujiwara in the PlayMining Verse, the ecosystem’s Metaverse, which supports user content creation and development.

Together, these activities will work in conjunction to support the four play-to-earn NFT gaming titles;  “JobTribes,” which is currently available, “Cookin’ Burger,” “Graffiti Racer,” and “Menya Dragon Ramen“, which are scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2022. Simultaneously, PlayMining is enlarging its appeal as the first Web3 GameFi platform in Japan.

Besides the business development plans, DEA has partnered with the non-profit organization “Kosotsu Shien Kai” to help support income-generation opportunities for individuals without high-school degrees. Moreover, the project has found support from House of Representatives Member Takashi Yamashita, who views PlayMining as dovetailing Japan’s growth strategy and Web3 ambitions.

Commenting on DEA’s plans for Japan, CEO Kozo Yamada notes, “Japan represents an incredible opportunity for GameFi, and especially PlayMining, when putting the sheer size of the market and its tech-savvy population in context. As we endeavor to make a big splash in the market, we are proud to have the support of the Liberal Democratic Party and local organizations like “Kosotsu Shien Kai” that believe in the immense potential of Web3 ecosystems.”

About DEA

Conceived in 2018, Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) Pte Ltd. is behind the PlayMining GameFi platform that delivers digital entertainment through multiple avenues. Through its embedded play-to-earn digital economy, creators and gamers can connect directly via the PlayMining economic zone to earn while playing NFT-based games. With the platform’s native $DEP utility token, PlayMining users gain access to blockchain games, and the ability to purchase NFT at the NFT marketplace “PlayMining NFT“.

Co-CEO: Naohito Yoshida, Kozo Yamada

Location: 7 Straits View, Marina One East Tower,#05-01, Singapore 018936

Establishment: August 2018

Business description: GameFi platform business

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Digital Entertainment Asset Pte Ltd

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