Is there a good “blog search” out there?

Is there a good “blog search” out there?

This shows how hard it is to make such a search engine.

I tried “indie makers” and “digital nomad” in the directory and both listed only one blog: Pieter Levels. And that one is dead for quite a while and just redirects to his Twitter.

I’ve emailed with the blogsurf operator, they have a really cool Ranking algorithm but it’s expensive to run so they only index a relatively small number of blogs.

Feedly has a “search all Feedly” mode. That will capture mostly blogs or at least things with RSS feeds. As folks have said blogs ain’t what they used to be, many blog-like sites now are aggressively managed content farms.

You probably know this but a lot of folks find adding “reddit” to a search term helps them find genuine discussions.

The only thing I’ve figured out that works is building a Google Custom Search Engine with your favorite list of 50-100 blogs but it’s far from perfect and doesn’t help with new discovery.

Partially but no, it’s comparatively pretty bad after playing with it a lot.

It seems to be based on a much older and more literal algorithm where it buries a relevant post on page 3 just because the keyword was not perfectly in the title.

Probably intentional or they just don’t prioritize since a small % of people use it.

Better to use “site:” search for your fav blogs instead.

The prerequesite would be a list of non spammy blogs.

Could it be crowdsourced, similar to how ad blocker filter lists are crowdsourced?

For tech specific: is a good resource. Not necessarily sure it counts as a search engine, but definitely a good aggregation of tech blogs.

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