Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Mental Health?

Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Mental Health?

Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Mental Health

Nowadays, we are busy with our smartphones. Sometimes we are using it because of work and when we are free, we are using it for entertainment purpose. In fact, in all states of moods or situation, we have one thing with us i-e “Our Smartphone”

For example, when we feel bored, we will search our phone, during travel, our best companion is mobile. When we are happy, we will use it to share on social media, in contrast to this, feeling bad and sad also initiates our urge to use smartphones to upload status and read comments and become busy for hours.

Adverse Effects Of Smartphone On Mental Health

It’s true also that “Smartphone” is a fantastic invention of science. But, did you ever think “Is your smartphone is affecting your mental health?

Here are some of the adverse effects of your favorite smartphone on your mental health.


A latest study by University of Arizona concluded that the people addicted or dependent on their cell phones are more likely to show the loneliness and depression signs. Several other studies also showed that people that are constantly on their phones are less happy  than those taking part in non-screen activities.

Sleep Habits and SmartPhones

Today, one of the major causes of sleep disturbances is the overuse of mobile phones, especially at night. There is no doubt that extensive use of mobile is extremely harmful to your brain.

The screen of mobile phone emits lights that have a risky effect on the brain. This blue light can suppress the melatonin, a hormone that helps in your sleep cycle.

A CDC research concluded that adults that having less than the eight hours sleep are more vulnerable to suffer from mental health problems. Indeed, a good sleep is necessary for performing well in our routine life. The national sleep foundation recommends avoiding screen time 30 minutes before bed.

A young teenager is sitting in her bed in the dark with only the light of her phone shining on her face.

Fear of Missing Out

People are crazy to check their mobile phones to check their received messages or comments on their recent post or status. Furthermore, people feel irritability and anxiety when they are away from their mobile phones.

If a person doesn’t find his cell phone in his pocket or hand, he will search it like crazy. People behave towards their smartphones like nothing is more important than this smartphone for them.

They become addicted, due to this reason 5th edition of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders includes cell phone addiction disorder which cause the loss of interest in real life activities.

Reduced Productivity and Lack of Attention

It doesn’t matter who we are and what we are doing, our smartphones become the cause  of our less attention towards our surroundings. Several experiments on the topic “Does mobile phone effect mental health?” indicated that mobile phone notifications distracted people and create anxiety in them.

This distraction can affect their gray matter in the brain, which plays a significant role in attention control.

Moreover, other studies also concluded that people having excessive use of mobile phone can suffer from various types of neurological disorders.

Relationship Stress

When the mobile phone was invented, the intention was bringing families closer. Due to mobile phone we can talk with our family and friends without considering the distance.

Nowadays, people become that much busy with their smart phone or in the social media world that this mobile phone now becomes the reason of relationship stress. Just because of the extensive use of cell phones during family time take away your attention and causes stress, tensions and separations of many couples.

In addition to this, the unreal and social world also take away the real happiness, friendship and family life of people. But, people are not paying attention that they are losing precious real time moments with their family and friends.

The Bottom Lines

We can’t deny the importance of technology and smart phones in our life. But, people are suffering from various mental health problems because of the extensive use of these mobile phones. Indeed, everything is good within a limit.

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